Vertical Carton Case Packer Production Line YJY-550

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YJY-550 Vertical carton case packer production line is a set of case unpacking, arrange product, case filling, cardboard release, sealing process in one of the automatic packaging equipment.The maximun production speed up to 4carton/min(according the number of plies),Each performance reaches the domestic leading level. Case unpacking and case filling parts are adopt full servo control, In each station with the lack of box detection, product incoming material detection, carton location detection, to achieve the product production monitoring, the whole process controllable.The equipment can be equipped with the function of manual placement, large box rolling code, etc., which is suitable for the large-scale production of pharmaceutical and daily chemical products.

1. The machine should have the following functions: automatic unpacking, putting down clapboard, encasement, putting on clapboard, putting packing list (optional), sealing , etc 
2. The Case filling and case unpacking use full servo motor control.the case filling manipulator adopts TOYO 3-dof gantry module structure. 
3. Case unpacking process in normal With alarm prompt. (for example:case unpacking not in place,carton stuck etc)  
4. Suction carton lack of product detection function 
5. Compressed Air low pressure alarm stop function.  
6. Each Product parameter setting storage function.
7. Production data storage and copy to computer function;
8. Optional big-character 3 phase inkjet printer (rolling code machine)
9. This machine has three or more levels of password protection permissions,each level has the corresponding security permissions can be set for modifying parameters and using screen data.Access to each level of authority is set by the system administrator.

Power of supply   AC 380V 50HZ,4.0Kw
Max packaging size 600X450X400mm
Min packaging size 300X250X200mm
Production capacity 1-4carton/min,according the number of plies
Working air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Air consumption 600-800L/min
Overall demension 4000X3100X2500mm
Machine weight 1500 Kg