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Why Choose Us

Customer Services

Haichina provides excellent customer services for our customers, including design services, consulting services, equipment qualification and so on.

Technical Support Services

 Haichina has a team of experienced engineers to provide free services of technical when need.       

Maintenance Services

Haichina offers a portfolio of excellent after sales services, customized according to the specific needs of our customers.

Training Services

Haichina provides training services for our customers to ensure that new or existing equipment is kept in the optimum operation condition and secures a long life cycle.

Validation Services

Haichina offers whole documentation set according to the GMP since IQ/OQ in English as customer requirement.

Packaging line

Haichina is a supplier of all kinds of packaging production lines that have high packaging speed, low energy consumption, compact design, and low noise operation. Our packaging production lines are widely used in the medicine, cosmetics, commodity, food, and other industries.

Safe Operation

packaging production lines are designed with safety features such as emergency stop function, overload protection system, automatic shutdown function, and safety door function to ensure safe operation.

Fully Certified

Our multifunctional packaging production lines are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of quality management systems. They comply with the standards from CE, cGMP, and ISO 9001.


The packaging production lines are safe for packaging food and drug since their contact surface is made from corrosion-resistant material and easy to clean. They also have an aseptic condition.

Fully Customizable

If you have specific requirements, you can inform us and we can customize the packaging production lines in accordance with your exact requirements. We have expert mechanical engineers that can fulfill your needs.