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Flow Packing Machine Operation safety precautions

Friday, 30 July 2021

The safe operation rules of pillow packing machine are very necessary. Safe operation rules can avoid mistakes and troubles
1. The machine shall not be used without a clear understanding of the correct operation method and safety rules of the machine.
2. Any safety equipment, cover, face lock equipment, safety warning, operation instructions, signs, etc. on the machine shall be stopped from being defaced and removed.
3. The machine must confirm the installation and necessary adjustment before operation. The position and operation method of the emergency stop button should be clear before operation.
4. It is necessary to wear work clothes and work caps in line with industrial safety regulations during operation. Loose clothes, ties, scarves and operation are prohibited.
Before starting, check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose and whether there are foreign bodies on the table.
5. Do not touch the inside of the machine or the electrical facilities before the power is turned off.
6. The operator shall not leave the working range of the machine when it is in operation.
7. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the hot sealing wheel, sealing die and all parts in operation.
8. After starting the machine, check whether the operation is normal and whether there is abnormal noise or abnormal condition. If found, inform the repairman to check in time.
9. Inspection and maintenance of electrical control circuit must be completed by electrical professionals.
Warning: For the safety of you and others and the machine and equipment, be sure to follow the above safety instructions.


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