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Cellophane Overwrapping Machine

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Cellophane Overwrapping Machine, also known as three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine and box wrapping machine.This machine takes BOPP film or PVC as the packing material, will be packaged into a three-dimensional hexahedron folding packaging equipment.  Widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily necessities and other box transparent film 3D packaging (packaging effect is the same as that of cigarettes).  

working principle
The packaging film is cut into the length that meets the packaging requirements by the cutter. The packaging box is conveyed by the conveyor, and the cylinder pushes the stacking (according to the required form and quantity). The wrapping film and folding and sealing form a medium-sized packaging. Adopts the local point instantaneous low temperature sealing, which will not cause the temperature change of the package in the box, so it is called cold charter.  Can replace heat shrink packaging machine.  

1.Energy saving, fully sealed packaging: waterproof, moistureproof, anti-infection.

2.Instant sealing, no material storage at heat sealing station: similar to cold packaging, no impact on drugs and thermal products.  

3.Automatic: automatic feeding, stacking, packaging, heat sealing, finishing, counting.  

4.Electrical control system with programmable controller PLC as the center, to ensure stable and reliable operation of equipment, stable performance. 

5.Automatic zero, reset function, humanized and intelligent equipment. Easier to use, operate, maintain and repair. 

6.Replace a small number of parts can be packed in different specifications (size, short, wide) box packaging, solid molding.

The machine was first introduced from abroad, the domestic enterprises continue to improve to make it in line with the domestic market, there are manual, semi-automatic, automatic a variety of models, and a single box packaging and more box stack packaging.  Most of the manufacturers are located in Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangdong in south China, Shandong.  

Equipment classification: Cellophane overwrapping machine according to the location of the packaging film is mainly divided into vertical 3D packaging machine and horizontal 3D packaging machine.  The packaging film of the vertical overwrapping machine is above the machine, and the packaging film of the horizontal 3D packaging machine is below the machine  

vertical Overwrapping machine 

Machine features: this machine is sealed on the side and both sides of the box, the appearance of external packaging has little influence, but this type of machine packaging film on the top of the machine, greatly affected by static electricity, film delivery is prone to instability, the reject rate is relatively high, 

horizontal overwrapping machine


Machine features: the machine sealing bottom and sides of the box and the single box packing have certain effect, but more box packing in large range, and the relative vertical 3D model wrapping machine, because of the packaging film in the lower part of the machine, packaging film during membrane clung to the surface of the equipment, electrostatic are relatively small, the influence of the stability of film, the rejection rate is low.


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