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Automatic Packaging Machine Will Be Indispensable for Enterprises to Improve Production Efficiency

Friday, 10 September 2021

Under the great situation of Chinese "Belt and Road" construction, Chinese food processing and packaging industry has gained huge business opportunities, which has also given the packaging market a huge potential. In fact, automated and intelligent production forms have gradually replaced the traditional manual mode and have occupied a huge market share in modern production. Among them, the market demand for automatic packaging machine is huge.

At present, automatic packaging machines are mainly divided into two types: robot packaging machine and mechanical packaging machine according to the actual packaging requirements of specific packaging product shape requirements, quantity requirements, output requirements, etc. The robot packaging model greatly improves the flexibility, stability and reliability of the packing line by changing the fixture and setting different gripping procedures. The mechanical packaging machine can be used to achieve packaging through airbags, clamping jaws, etc. It is widely used in the packing line of various products.

In addition, Haizhong also developed the latest unpacking and sealing machine with an integrated design that integrates the original unpacking machine, box sealing machine, box packing machine and the buffer conveyor system between the equipment into one device. It is suitable for Various types of boxed, bottled and bagged products can be automatically packed, which can be used stand-alone or connected to the front-end and back-end equipment for more extensive use.

With the improvement of the modern level of Chinese enterprises, the era of intelligence is coming. The traditional mode of product packaging becomes efficient and automatic. It is an inevitable demand to improve production efficiency. At present, automatic cartoning machines are widely used in the fields of tobacco, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetic,medicine, daily chemicals, machinery and electronics. There will be more broad prospects in the future


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