Shipment of Cartoning Machines to Indonesia: Advancing Packaging Solutions

Sep 07, 2023

Leading packaging solutions provider, Zhejiang Haizhong Machinery Corporation, has successfully delivered a shipment of cartoning machines to clients in Indonesia. This development is poised to revolutionize the packaging industry in the region by providing businesses with enhanced efficiency and productivity.

This is DZH-150 Automatic cartoning machine, According to the characteristics of the customer's box and customized,  the box flap is inserted first and then use glue close the box. We customized the machine for the customer to design two stations to complete this action.  It design turntable, feeding automatically, and should connected labeling machine for production line.

 Equipped with intelligent automation technology, these machines streamline the packaging process, minimizing human intervention and maximizing output. This translates into higher productivity and reduced costs for businesses in Indonesia.