New Arrival--DZH-150 Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine

Apr 01, 2022

DZH-150 horizontal automatic cartoning machine is high technology product incorporates pneumatic-photo-electro-mechanic. 
It is suitable for blister-formed capsules, tablets, blister sheets with aluminum-plastic packaging and similar items. 
It’s working process is the convey of medicine boards or items (one blister at a time can be adjusted for multiple blister);
 Transmission of product instructions (automatic folding of 1-4 folds is possible); The carton is automatically formed and convey, 
and the blister board and the folded instructions are loaded pushed into the carton at the same time; Printing the batch numbering, 
both ends of the paper tongue sealing, etc. are automatically completed of complicated packaging process. 
The machine can be connected to the blister packing machine to form a packaging line (hot melt glue).