HCL-260I Automatic Medicine Production Lline

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HCL-260I Automatic Medicine Production Lline

HCL-260I Automatic Medicine Production Lline of blister are combined with DPP, DPH series Blister Machines and DZH series Cartoners. In theory, any model Blister Machine can connect to any model Cartoner, but in reality we need to match their capacities to maximize production efficiency. 

This Blister-Cartoner Line is combined with the DPH-260H Blister Machine,GZP-260 Flow pack ,DZH-300 Cartoner,TMP-300 Overwrapping machine and carton case packing machine.

Through integration of a blister,Flow pack and cartoner for packaging and cartoning of pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, this Blister Packaging Line is innovative response to the need for high efficiency and low-cost operation, flexibility and maximum productivity for mass batch production.
--Processes all common solid dose products and all types of forming material.

--Blister machine Adopting servo traction system, make stroke length be adjustable arbitrary, accurate and consistent. The cutting position is easy to adjust which make plate perfect.

-- The blister through the vacuum suction device and rejection sorting device to flow pack machine.

-- the blister counting magazine that adopt precise servo technology. These accurately control blister transfer, faulty blister rejection, positioning, and feeding, etc., to assure the stability of high running speed.
--the cartoning machine use rotary suction of box and closed by tuck in or hot melt glue.

--The box output of cartoner, according requirement to wrapping mult-box in one packer.

--Then stack more packed pick of arm into carton,folding carton and sealed the carton.


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