TMP-200B Automatic Perfume Box Overwrapping Machine

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TMP-200B Automatic Perfume Box Overwrapping Machine

TMP-200B Cellophane Overwrapping machine is a packaging machine that shrink wrap the products.Shrink wrap, also shrink film, is a material made up of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over whatever it is covering.
TMP-200B Overwrapping machine is semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping machines.It has the function of anti-moisture and anti-falsification,with tear tape.also enhances the product level and additional value.It can connect with Pillow Pack Machine,cartoning machine etc., to form a Production Packaging Line.

Over Wrapping Machine is widely applied in the products,such as Medical box,Gum,Health products,Tea-leaf,Cubic-sugar,Disk,condom,Cigarette,tape,Poker,Soap,Square-share battery,and etc

Overwapping machine is also known as cellophane wrapping machine is majorly used for perfume carton wrapping,perfume box wrapping.

Overwrapping machine is majorely used for clear film wrapping for condom box,condom cartons.

Overwrapping machine is comes in category of wrapping machine for sealing of cartons.

Carton overwrapping is main application for all types of cartons packing,box packing,in perfume bottles to seal the film for aesthetic sense.

Overwrapping machine is wrapping machine for bopp film wrapping use.

The machine provides high work speed from 20-80packages one minute,Range of sealing bar widths and a multiple sealing bar option.For all applications that require longitudinal sealing on the bottom of the product.

There are a number of different feeding systems although the standard one has push rods.Provide good protection to products to dustproof waterproof.


Main Features of Overwrapping machine:
1.Compact and reasonable structure,stable and advanced performance,easy and convenient operation and maintenance.
2.Adopt multi-function digital-indication frequency inverter,and stepless avariable speed.
3.The digital indication of thermal seal temperature is clear.
4.Have the function of automatic feeding and automatic counting. the driving part,there are all varieties of protection mechanism and indication of malfunction.
6.filn-feeding clutch for trial operation is set to save packing material.

Main technical parameters:

Package material

BOPP film, PVC film, etc

Production capacity


Packing dimensions(film width)


Power of supply

220V 50Hz-60Hz

Motor Power


Electric heating




Overall dimensions (LxWxH)



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