GZP-300 High Speed Reciporating Flow Packing Machine

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Main technical parameters



Packing capacity


Bag size (mm)        


Film Width


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz, 2.4KW (as buy request)



Overall dimension (L*W*H,mm)


Main Feature

1.Use 9Piece servo motor control,modular design of each part is driven by an independent servo motor.

2.Bag length adjust by touch screen , easy an accurate

3.Good seal,long time life time for cutter

4.It is equipped with double heat-seal sealing and cutting assembly, which is hot-sealed twice at the same end sealing, improve sealing quality and packing speed.

5.Equipped with automatic tension adjustment system to make the packaging process more stable.

6.Equipped with a double film docking device, to avoid the complex across film process.

7.The prompt of fault diagnosis is clear at a glance, which is more user-friendly.

8.High sensitive photo tracking system,make the cutting position accurate

9.Temperature adjustable,fit various kinds color film,upgrade the seal quantity.

10.Set location stop function,No adhesive blade and no waste of film.

11.The drive system is simple, reliable and easy to maintain.

12.All controls are implemented by software, which facilitates functional adjustments and technical upgrades and can be adapted to production needs at different times.

14. The whole machine is designed with closed cover, which can reduce noise and improve safety.



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