DZP-400ST Soft Bag (Plastic Bottle) Intravenous IV Bag Packing Machine

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DZP-400ST Soft Bag (Plastic Bottle) Intravenous IV Bag Packing Machine

DZP-400ST soft bag (plastic bottle) large invravenous bag packing machine is mainly suit to outside package of soft bag and plastic bottle. Automatic labeling and coding can be available. It can carry out non-attended linkage production through combining the large transfusion production line, which reduces labor intensity, enhances production efficiency and improve automation degree.

Main Features of Flow pack machine:

1.Double frequency inverter control with stepless variable speed.

2.Just in one step,the length of bag can be set and cut at any time without the need to adjust trail operation,and it it time saving and film saving.

3.It adopts international famous electric components,PLC control,friendly interface,with convenient and rapid setting of parameters.

4.The indication of fault is clear,and the funtion is more humanized.

5.Highly sensitive electric-eye color code tracking can make the sealing position be more accurate.

6.The accurate temperature setting is suitable for various of packaging material and improve the quality of seal.

7.It have functions of positioning power-off,without sticking to the blade and without waste of film.

8.Simple and clear driving system with more reliable work and more reliable work and more conveninent maintenance.

9.The conrols are operated on sofrware,which facilitates the function regulation and technology upgrade so as to satisfy the production reqirement.

10.It can be set the labeling device for automatic production.

11.The machine can be combined with the seft bag production lin,not required manual adjustment.

Main Technical Parameters Of Flow Pack Machine



Packing capacity


Packaging size (mm)


Max. width of film


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz, 3KW



Overall dimension (L*W*H,mm)



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