GPK-40D Automatic Box Opening Machine

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GPK-40D Automatic Box Opening Machine 

Product Introduction
The automatic box opening machine GPK-40D is a product independently developed and designed by our company. The vertical box opening speed can reach 12 boxes/minute. Compared with the vertical box opening machine of the same level, the price is 50% lower, and it is economical.
Application industry: This box opener has been widely used in food, medicine, beverage, tobacco, daily chemical, electronics and other industries.

Product Features 
Imported accessories: Use durable parts, electrical components and pneumatic components;

It can be used as a supporting device, which can be used in a stand-alone operation or with an automated packaging line;

 Save man-hours. Vertical storage of cardboard, which can be refilled at any time without stopping the machine;
 Save labor: The packaging of goods is done by machines instead of labor;
 Improve efficiency. The rational design of the bottom sealing machine, synchronous absorption and forming, the folding bottom and the bottom cover are simultaneously formed at one         time,the speed of unpacking the box is stable, and the efficiency is higher;
 More safety Add a transparent plexiglass protective cover, and the door will automatically stop when opening the door to avoid accidental operation.

Product parameter



Carton range

length: 450~250mm×width: 400~150mm×height: 400~100mm


10-12 boxes/min


110/220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase



Compressed air


Tape size


Machine size

Length: 2000mm Width: 1900mm Height: 1452mm




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