GPA-50Automatic Carton Sealer Machine

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GPA-50Automatic Carton Sealer Machine

Two sides belt driven carton sealer is driven by the belts on the both side, with BOPP tape seal, box can be sealed smoothly. The size can be adjusted manually according to the box’s size which is easy and convenient to replace labours, increasing work efficiency up to 30% and saving 5%-10% consumables. This machine is an ideal option for light high boxes, it can save costs and increase producing efficiency. It can be widely used in food, medicine, toys, tobacco, daily chemicals, electronic tobaccos and other domestic industries.

The automatic sealing machine has a wide range of USES, suitable for household electrical appliances, textile, food, daily provisions, medicine, light industry, chemical industry and so on various products packaging, carton sealing, sealing homework alone, or with filling, bales into the flow assembly line is used, as necessary for packing assembly line equipment, sealing machine adopts the stick tape sealing the carton sealing, rapid economic, easy to adjust, can be a complete upper and lower sealing action, using printing tape, but also could enhance the image of the product.

Main technical parameters:

Max caerton dimension


Min carton dimension


Power supply

220V 50Hz,240W



Tape width

48MM 60MM 75MM



Outline dimensions (LxWxH)





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