High speed cartoning machine
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High speed cartoning machine

DZH-260 is High speed cartoning machine, This machine is suitable for packing blister, tubes ampules and other related objects into boxes, it can be run continuously and the highest speed can upto 260 boxes/min. The Carton Packing Machine had advantaes of High packing efficiency and good quality, and Hi-tech Product with structure of mechanical-electrical interation, this machine can folding leaflet, pen box, insert blister into box, emboss batch number and then close or seal automatically .
The High speed carton box packing machine can connect with our GZP-350 high speed flow packing machine for packaging line.

1PLC Control,speed adjsutable,electrical parts use famous brand.
2Use touch screen control system,instead of intermitted running,use advance chain cam system.improve the machine packing speed and quality.
3Use famous leaflet folding device,quickly folding the leaflet,easy operation.
4Use rotary type absorb the box,take off the box and put it to machine conveyor accuracy.
5Pushing system use group type pusher,instead of traditional single pusher,move stable,high speed and suitab le for large capacity production .

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